Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is eTenderWorld?
eTenderWorld is an enhanced web based application solution providing suppliers opportunity to access all TSTT Tenders, including viewing/scanning of uploaded tenders, online purchasing and downloading and uploading submissions . This service drastically reduces the procurement cycle time and reduces most of the direct costs related to tendering.
2. How do I register on eTenderWorld?
Registration on eTenderWorld is very simple. Go to and you would see. “Not a registered Store? Create an account”. Click on create an account, accept the terms and condition, provide all requested information, activate your account and you are ready to use eTenderWorld.
3. Why do I need to register with eTenderWorld?
eTenderWorld allows you to view and scan tender markets, purchase online hassle free and download and upload responses in a secure and easy to use framework. Free and fair participation is possible with more transparency.
4. If I am registered, how long is it valid?
Your registration is valid as long as you frequently login into eTenderWorld. Failure to ensure activity, you will be required to send an email requesting re-activation to
5. How will my personal details be used?
Your details are used for configuration of the system so that you get only the relevant information. These details are also used by the Department during evaluation of the Bids.
6. How do I log on to eTenderWorld after I've registered?
After registering on eTenderWorld, you will receive an email requesting you to activate your account. Successful! Login using your User ID and Password used upon creating your account.
7. What if I want to use my eTenderWorld account on a different computer?
You can use your account anywhere in the world once you have access to internet and a web browser.
8. Is the password secured?
Passwords are encrypted at the database level and is known only to you. The System Administrator/Application Developer does not know your password, however, you are responsible for maintaining and updating your information. As a part of the security policy, we advise you to change your password frequently.
9. How do I change my password?
1. Click on located at the top left, to enter the “Profile” of the business 2. Click “ Edit Password” to access Password option 3. Change the password as desired and click send .
10. I've lost my password. How can I retrieve it?
Click on “Forgot Password” on the login screen
11. What does it cost to register?
Presently the registration is free
12. I have registered. Why did I not receive my confirmation e-mail?
Please check the e-mail address provided during registration. If you still have not received e-mail confirmation, request assistance by contacting
13. Can I update my registration information?
Yes. After logging onto the eTenderWorld Home page you can update the information whenever you require by clicking on located at the top left. Click “Edit Business” to access business details. Finally, change the information as needed and click send
14. What about the privacy of my information?
All security precautions have been taken to ensure the information provided by you is secure. We guarantee that your information is only used for the purpose of contacting you during tender evaluation and configuration of your user account.
15. How do I know that a tender is published?
After registering on eTenderWorld, it is recommended that you regularly log-in to your account where you can find information regarding posted tenders. Or you can subscribe to your tender preferences to receive e-mail alerts. To subscribe: 1. Click on located at the top left, to enter the “Profile” of the business 2. Click “Preferences” to access Preferences Listing 3. Select as many preferences as desired from the “Select Your Preferences” dropdown list and click update preferences.
16. Can I download the drawings related to the tender?
Drawings are part of the tender documents. While downloading the tender documents, these drawings are also downloaded.
17. How do I view the drawings related to the tender?
Drawings are part of the tender documents. After downloading the tender documents, you can refer to the drawings which will be provided if required for the tender.
18. Can I submit proposals for any tender?
Yes, all tenders once active is open for bidder participation.
19. How do I submit my certificates along with the tenders?
After purchasing a tender on eTenderWorld, you are provided with the option to upload a submission. This upload feature provides you with the required space online for storing your information in the form of scanned copies such as experience certificates. Once attached for upload, you can go back to replace/remove before the tender expires.
20. How do I submit my tender response?
The tender can be downloaded from the eTenderWorld site on paying the requisite fee. You can fill the tender documents and submit online along with the scanned certificates required for the tender.
21. How do I confirm my tenders are submitted without any problem?
After submitting your tender, you will get a receipt e-mail providing the confirmation of the submission.
22. How will I come to know that my bid has been opened?
When your bid is opened you will receive a e-mail notification informing the details such as the bid has been opened.
23. What if I accidently submit the same tender twice?
The system will not allow you to submit the same tender twice. However, you may edit your bid any time till the time of closing.
24. How should I confirm my tenders are not opened by any before the date of opening?
The system does not allow your bids to be opened before the due date specified in the Tender document.
25. Is there any provision to change or add new certificates to my bid after once submitting the bid?
Yes. After once submitting the bid, responses go to the server but is under your control to change/modify until the tender closing date and time of submission.
26. Is there any provision to change my tender value after once submitting the price bid?
Yes. After once submitting the bid, your file submission would go to the server but it would be under your control to change/modify until the last date & time of submission.
27. Can I view the proceedings of bid opening?
When your bid is opened you will receive an e-mail notification informing the details such as the bid has been opened and you are required to log into your account to view the Tender Standing Graph which shows details of all bids received such as price tendered by bidder.
28. Can I refer to my tender documents submitted?
Yes before the tender is closed, not after it closes.
29. How much space is provided to me for submitting my proposal documents online?
Presently a 60MB restriction per submission

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