Why e-Tender

Revenue Creation

  • Expand your market access  and create new opportunities to grow top line revenue.
  • Supplement the cost of e-Tender SaaS deployment through the issuance of RFP & e-Auction events using a ‘charge out’ basis where a secured online payment gateway is used.

Streamline Costs

Once e-Tender is deployed and utilized appropriately your company has potential to reduce your CAPEX and OPEX TCO (total cost of ownership) by average 15-20%
Reduced advertising costs in traditional print media.
Reduction in cost of paper for printing ITB packages.

Transparency & Audit Verification

Keep track of digital footprints with audit logs, deep packet inspection, virtual real-time encryption of uploaded files, automated watermarking of bids received electronically, automated real-time vendor notifications
Big Data Dashboards provides real-time analytics, synergizing your cross functional units.


Promotes a ‘green’ paperless environment.
No need for printed RFQ documents.
Reduce your carbon footprint.
Enhance your environmental social responsibility.


Next generation technology, hosted on VM Certified Cloud Software Defined Data Centre with TIA 942B SOC 2 compliance certification.